Gear Review: Promate Conex Bluetooth Speakers

It’s the season of reunions, house parties or just the casual meet up after what has been a busy year. A good way to entertain your guests is to have a Bluetooth speaker which you or your guest can use to listen to your favorite hits. With so many options flooding the market, it’s quite rare to find portable Bluetooth speakers with dual stereo speakers setup. We found out Dubai-based Promate has this specific product named Conex. After spending a few weeks with it, here’s my take on the Promate Conex.

What’s in the box?


  • Conex Dual Stereo Bluetooth Speakers
  • Two (2) Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Manual

Build and Design


The Conex got its moniker from its conical design. The front part of the speaker is mainly covered by thin metallic mesh with a plastic trim lining with chrome paint job. Behind the speaker mesh is a concealed LED indicator and mic. The LED indicator runs blue when the device is ready for connection and will turn red if the battery is low. The mic is there for incoming calls.

The back part is made of hard plastic and has a rubber matte finish. The speakers have metallic stands with rubber socks to keep the speakers from moving about on full volume.


Both speakers have Micro USB slots for recharging as well as AUX ports for stereo connection to non-Bluetooth devices like a basic TV.


You can also find a multi-function button for powering the device as well as answering and dropping incoming calls.

In terms of weight, the speakers are quite hefty which helps it keep firmly in place. However, the weight is not enough to keep it planted firmly when playing the device full blast. When placed on a smooth surface like a laminated table, it would still slightly move forward due to vibration so better keep an eye on it not accidentally falling off. I found out it doesn’t move as much when placed on a glass surface.

Overall, the design is “safe” and quite traditional, nothing to get really excited about but at the same time, I feel the design will compliment most home interiors.

Connectivity and Battery


The Conex features Bluetooth version 4.1 and supports A2DP, HFP and HSP Bluetooth profiles. Most smartphones and tablets fall under these profiles so there should be no problem connecting any device. Before pairing with your device however, you need to pair the speakers to each other first by powering on the speakers, and holding the multi-function button long enough until you hear the magic words of “pairing”, “connected” then after a short while, you should hear “left channel” and “right channel”. After that, you can now pair your device and look out for the phrase “second device connected”. Setup should roughly take you 15 to 20 seconds for the first time.


Once paired, enjoy HD Sound Quality thru its 3W speaker output, multiplied by 2 of course. For small speakers, they can certainly fill up a big room on max volume without losing quality. I was quite happy with the sound quality of the Conex speakers considering it falls under the “portable” category. The trebles are crisp and the bass is noticeable and enough to satisfy your ears.


Like most Bluetooth device, it has an operating distance of up to 10 meters. Both speakers have built in battery rated at 550mah. Now to some it might not sound much but on a fully charged battery, it can operate for up to 8 hours on continuous play time on full volume.

The Verdict


The Promate Conex Bluetooth speakers is an excellent choice to start your home entertainment system. The dual stereo speakers produce HD quality sounds allowing for a more immersive experience not replicated by most singe setup speakers. The overall design can be improved in future iterations. At the time of writing this review, the Promate Conex is made available thru Lazada for P2495.00.


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