There’s Android O and then there’s Android Go

What is Android Go?

We can think of Android Go as a stripped down version of Android O. Google has been busy finding ways to expand the android market by targeting budget constrained consumers, mostly from developing countries, who are only capable of paying for low-end phones.  Their solution is Android GO.

Starting next year, low-end device from phone manufacturers will be shipping out with Android Go. Low-end phones are those with RAM between 512MB to 1GB, moderate hardware and cost 6 to 7 times less than your typical high end device. With the current setup, these ultra budget phones will suffer from lag and the overall experience will not be pleasant.

Android Go is created with optimization and data saving in mind, having been coded with a more efficient memory manager. This will ensure that even the most basic phone will run faster than it might other wise have. Accessing the Playstore on a device running Android Go will showcase apps meant for low end phones, with priorities on lesser memory consumption and data saving. For example you’ll only be able to access Facebook Lite instead of the normal Facebook app. The Google Chrome browser will ship with “Data Saver” On by default. Also, a lite version of the Youtube app, called Youtube Go will also be made available. We can expect to see devices running Android Go early next year.

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