Samsung just released a new edition of the Galaxy S8 and it will shiver your timbers. 

Samsung recently released a new promotional video featuring their latest flagship, this time honoring Captain Jack Sparrow and Co. with the Galaxy S8 Pirates of the Caribbean Edition. Watch the youtube video below. 

This isn’t the first time the Korean tech giant has partnered with a movie franchise, with previous releases of the Galaxy S6 Iron Man and Galaxy S7 Batman Edition. 

Priced at 880 USD, this edition of Galaxy S8 isn’t going to be different than your regular ones, with no added markings or stylings at all. However, instead of a regular box, it will come in a hip pirate chest, a special edition ring holder and a Pirates of the Caribbean clip-on case which applies a Pirates of the Caribbean theme via NFC. Pirates fans can get one via Chinese retailer

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