Apple is not killing the MacBook Air just yet

Everyone thought the introduction of the MacBook Pro series, spelt the end for the MacBook Air. The Macbook Pro is lighter and more powerful, but a little bit more expensive than the MacBook Air. People we’re starting to doubt where the MacBook Air figure in Apple’s plans going forward, given the Macbook Pro already is what the MacBook Air was once, Apple’s ultra portable Macbook.

Credit: Apple

Well, not just yet, said Apple, as they unveiled a revamp version of the entry level, 13-inch MacBook Air. Sort of. The laptop is going to receive a slightly better CPU, a Dual Corei5 processor clocked at 1.8 GHz, bumped from the previous 1.6GHz. And unlike the more expensive MacBook Pro, which is set to get Intel’s latest processor, the Kaby Lake, it still won’t be getting the Retina Display or get a upgrade on the storage (256 SSD) or RAM (8GB). Buyers beware, Apple isn’t even tagging the 2017 MacBook Air as a new product.



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