It has been a week since G.A.S “leaked”

No disaster, natural or man-made, actually happened. It has been a week since I acquired the domain and started blogging about the latest in technology, as well as sharing photos taken by me or other photographers I featured. I’m not even sure why I am doing this, and initially, wasn’t sure if anyone’s actually reading my posts.

I try not to be robotic, or generic, and I always do my best to make articles an easy read for anyone who might visit the site. I love technology and at the same time, I also love photography. That’s why I launched G.A.S (Gear App Snap) to the world. An odd combination, one can say. It’s a niche market, a very small one at that.  Will I get rich or get free stuff doing this? Honestly, I don’t know. That’s the hope right? To do what you love while also putting food on the table? Anyway, I’ll share with you some interesting stat lines gathered by Google Analytics. Seeing these numbers actually inspires me to continue writing. Hopefully, unlike actual gas (petroleum) this G.A.S would not expire.


1. Stats
Gear App Snap Launched on June 1, 2017


A map depicting where in the world does the site’s traffic come from.
A hotspot map depicting from which cities bulk of the hits comes from.


By Country
I can try typing in “thank you” in every language, but I’m going to run out of space. Sorry for flooding the forums guys!


2. Chart
I think the “returning visitors” would comprise my father and me (in incognito).


by OS
I am an android fan boy since getting my first way back 2010. So most of the things I write relates to Android users. I do have a 1st generation IOS tablet but I like the flexibility of Android. I do try to reel in news about Apple devices too. Now if someone gives me an IPhone 6 or 7, I just might have more things to write about IOS.


Males. vs. Females
This is quite surprising. I initially taught it would be landslide win by the male specie. Good to know there are more ladies who appreciate their tech news and photos.


By Device
With this stat line, i’ll make sure the site is going to be mobile friendly.


That would be all for now, Ill report about stats again in a month and hopefully after a year.


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