The OnePlus 5 looks like an upgraded Oppo phone

The waiting game is about to end as OnePlus announced a date on the official unveiling of their latest flagship phone, the OnePlus 5. It will be on June 20 when we get to see the OnePlus 5 in all its glory.

OnePlus 5 Events

credits: Android Police

This alleged photo of OnePlus 5 reminds us of the Iphone 7 Plus. Gone are the vertical arrangement of the dual cameras as seen in the earlier leaks. The phone has huge bezels on the top, different from the plethora of handsets coming out of South Korea. It will be powered by the latest Snapdragon 835.

Aside from the Iphone 7 Plus, this OnePlus 5 render also resembles the Oppo R11, a midrange smartphone announced in China last week. For those who don’t know, Oppo, OnePlus and Vivo are sub brands of Chinese electronics company, BKK, so design elements may have been borrowed here and there. Will the OnePlus 5 be using the same case shell and design as the Oppo R11? Fast forward to June 20 please!

Oppo R11

credits: GSMArena

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