Increase productivity with Le Slide

People in general tend to be more productive having more than one display. Multiple displays allows you to accomplish tasks more effectively and efficiently. Remember the time you had to compare two excel tables side by side, or preview how your programs work as you code them. How about indulging yourself to a better gaming experience? Having an extra monitor certainly helps you accomplish your tasks faster.

Companies nowadays provide second monitors to their employees as they see the value in it. But what if you’re on travel or wanted work in a more relaxing place like a coffee shop? If you had an Ipad or an android tablet, there’s a couple of apps that can convert these tablets as second monitor. You could use DUET or XDisplay for Windows and Mac. I use the latter as it’s cheaper than DUET and it gets the job done, barring the occasional microseconds lags. But lets be honest, it’s not the same as having an actual monitor with you. You’d probably look silly lugging around a monitor with you on travel. So when I saw a shared post about Le Slide by Slidenjoy, I figured I need to write about it.

What is Le Slide?

LeSlide by Slidenjoy is an add-on peripheral to your existing laptop. It’s composed of 3 flat panels which attaches at the back of your laptop via magnets. Two panels slides out at either side. The displays are powered via the laptop’s USB ports. What’s great about the screens is it can swivel upto 180 degrees, ideal for presentations. Watch the video below:



Le Slide supports 13, 15 and 17 inches and you can even customized the colors to suite your style. Honestly, I think the price is quite steep starting at 349 Euro or 390 USD, but if you value portability and productivity above else, this gear is for you.

Get your Le Slide here

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