Data breach in China involving Apple “employees”.

The word “Hackers” or “Hacking” immediately comes to mind when talks about data security is brought up. Apparently, these lawless elements may not be the only thing we need to worry about. According to Hong Kong Free Press, 22 people in China got arrested for selling personal data from Apple users. What is alarming here is that most of them worked for an Apple “direct sales and outsourcing company”.

All but 2 of the 22 arrested were Apple “employees”, who gathered and sold customer data obtained from Apple’s internal systems in China. According to reports, the data breach included user names, phone numbers, Apple IDs and “other data” which have yet to be disclosed by the authorities.

According to the Police, the arrested employees made more than 50 million yuan ($7.36 million), charging for a little as 10 yuan ($1.50) per transaction. Reports does not indicate whether only Apple users in China are affected. As Hong Kong Free Press pointed out, selling personal information is fairly common practice in China. Apple officials in China declined to give further statements.

Source: Hong Kong Free Press

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