The Top 5 Features of IOS 11

The IOS 11 is set to be released sometime this year and if you are a die hard Apple fan, and your phone is IOS 11 ready, here are the top 5 features to look forward to.

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#5 Siri can now translate languages

An improved Siri can now translate five languages, namely; Spanish, Chinese, French, German and Italian. Ben Fatto, Siri.


#4 Screen Recording

This feature, though dated, is a welcome addition to the IOS.


#3 Better Storage Management

The IOS 11 will introduce a feature that will automatically delete apps you barely use, which is quite handy if you are running out of storage.

Apple will also introduce better compression formats for your photos and videos. Your videos will be stored in HEVC format instead of H.264, while your photos will be stored as HEIF (.heic) instead of JPEGs (.jpg). These formats require half the storage space, while maintaining the same quality.

Photo Credit: Greg Barbosa of 9to5Mac

#2 File Manager

Before, you had to jailbreak your device to get a decent file manager on your iPhone. As per Apple, IOS 11 will come with a file manager on board, aptly named “Files”. This has been a much requested feature from Apple, as the competing OS has integrated file managers from the get go. It will also integrate with cloud based storage services like Google Drive for easier file management, offline or online.

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Photo Credit: Steven Stroughton-Smith

#1 Augmented Reality

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Photo Credit: Chris Helgren / Reuters

AR is the future and Apple won’t be playing catch up this time as the IOS 11 will allow for developers to create augmented reality experience. Thru the ARkit framework, IOS 11 will bring augmented reality to IOS devices.

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IOS 11 Devices

What are your thoughts on the IOS 11? Comment down features you would like to see in IOS 12.

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