Facebook expands reach of Messenger Lite

Facebook announced that the Messenger Lite is now made available to close to 100 countries. Compared to the regular Messenger app, the Messenger Lite has a lower memory footprint, making your device less laggy.  Launched in October 2016, it originally targeted users from Malaysia, Kenya, Tunisia, Venezuela and Sri Lanka, aiming to accommodate those with “basic” smartphones and slow internet connections. With the announcement, Facebook brings the Messenger Lite to developed countries as well, like Japan, Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands.

I tried using the app and decided it was good enough for me. So good, I ditched the regular Messenger app. Do note that while it does occupy less memory, the lite version does not support floating chat heads, nor the new “Snap Chat” like AR features (camera effects). Now, if they can only release a version for IOS as my old iPad Mini is starting to bog down.

Edit: Video call is also not supported.


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