Facebook is using AI to counter terrorism

With the onslaught of terror attacks as of late, Facebook published an article how the social media giant, with almost 2 billion monthly users, aims to do their part in countering the spread of terrorism online.

In the post, Facebook laid out behind-the-scenes work that they do and how they are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to keep terrorism laden content off Facebook and other partner platforms.



Using AI, terrorist propaganda pictures and videos will be taken down as it is being uploaded. This prevents it from being seen in the platform. They also mentioned how the AI is continuously learning languages to help recognize text-based signals that will allow them to detect Facebook posts that shows support for Al-Qaeda, ISIS and their affiliates. If evidence of support or attacks are available, they are reported immediately to the authorities.

On top of that, Facebook groups that promote radicalization as well as fake accounts will also be closed and banned from the social media platform. Facebook also realizes the importance of human expertise and mentioned working with different organizations, governments and people who specialize in counter terrorism.

Facebook in particular has been under pressure by world leaders to be more proactive in tackling terrorist abuse in the social media platform.

You can read the full post here.


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