Apple’s first computer auctioned for $355K

Apple is known to produce premium devices at a premium price. Apparently, it’s a good investment too.

Last week, a working Apple-1 computer, Apple’s very first computer,  sold for a whopping $355,000, in an auction in New York.

The Apple-1 was the first personal computer by Apple Computer Company (now Apple Inc.), a venture by then buddies Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. The latter is credited with designing and building the Apple-1,  while the former is credited with the idea of selling it as as assembled printed circuit board.


To fund the venture, Jobs had to sell his Van, a VW microbus, and Woz had to sell his HP-65 calculator, amassing $1,300. They started the production in Job’s bedroom.

The Apple-1 had had no casing, no keyboard, no display nor a power supply but had its own motherboard, unprecedented at that time. About 200 Apple-1 units were produced and was initially sold for $666.66. Wozniak later clarified he had no idea the number is associated with the “mark of the beast”.  The Apple-1 is credited to have helped catapulted where Apple is today.

As of 2013, only 63 Apple-1 computers are confirmed to exist and only 6 have been verified in working condition.


While $355,000 seems a large amount for a 1976 computer, in 2009, the very same unit got auctioned for $905,000, the highest amount so far. You might want to hold on to your 1st Gen iPhones.

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