Soon, you’ll be able to tip your Uber driver

The popular ride hailing service company announced today its plan to roll out a “tipping” feature that will allow passengers to reward their Uber drivers for a job well done. How soon? Within 180 days, that’s according to Uber’s official Twitter account.


According to reports, the in-app tipping service will be pushed through a new version of the app, which the driver needs to download to be able to start asking for tips. At the end of each ride, passengers will be asked for tips and has 30 days to send their gratitude to their Uber drivers. That’s convenient, and wouldn’t be awkward if you choose not to.

However, it looks like the announcement is only applicable to the United States, at least for now. There is no words yet if Uber plans to roll out the in-app tipping feature to the rest of the countries where it operates.

Ever since its launch in 2009, Uber has provided an easy way to hail rides, but has faced controversies involving its officials, quality of service and some questionable policies, causing relationship strains between itself and their drivers, some even jumping ship to other similar companies like Grab or Lyft. I am a big fan of Uber, which I almost always use for my commutes. However, I too have noticed the decline of the quality of service from their drivers, most especially. This will definitely help elevate the level of service from Uber drivers and operators.

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