Google to put an end to email scanning for Gmail Ads

Ever noticed how Google ads are able to pinpoint which relevant ads to show you? Well, aside from logging the recent searches you made using the search engine giant, they also scan your emails. That ends this year as Google has announced its plans to stop reading thru your email to show you relevant ads.

Ever since Gmail launched in 2004, Google has placed machine algorithms to scan words in your email messages, allowing for marketing companies to know which ads to show you. However, it doesn’t mean you will no longer see ads in your Gmail, a perk enjoyed by those who are able to pay for GSuite. Ad personalization will still occur but will rely on other indicators, like YouTube, to show which ads might peek your interests.

Google hopes through this move, the internet giant can finally shake off privacy issues, law suits, and pry away some corporate customers from the competition, like Microsoft, to use their internet infrastructures and services instead.

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