Facebook and chill? Social media giant to start streaming TV Shows

Facebook is fast becoming a full pledged media company, ready to compete for Hollywood viewing shares, following news that the social network will start producing original TV shows and video shorts.

The popular social media platform with billions of users is said to be targeting ages between 13-34 and will avoid sensitive topics like politics, nudity and explicit contents. Actively meeting with Hollywood studios, Facebook allegedly expressed they are willing to spend up to $3 million per episode.

According to reports, Facebook already has shows lined up, including a relationship drama, a comedy series and a game show, said to be produced by the same team behind American Ninja Warriors.

Unlike Netflix, Facebook will follow HBO’s format of releasing episodes instead of  a whole season. They’re also currently working with popular content creators like BuzzeFeed and ATTN to work on 10 minute video shorts. This move puts them in direct competition with already established video streaming companies Netflix and Hulu. Let’s see if “Facebook and Chill” catches up.


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