Uber now allows you to book rides for other people

Amidst the controversies surrounding Uber these days, there seems to be a lot going on with regards to improving the ride hailing app’s services. First was the announcement of a planned roll out of a tipping feature for drivers and operators. Now they’re coming up with a new feature that will certainly benefit the riding public. Uber will be adding a feature that will allow you to book a ride for someone else, may it be a loved one or friends.

How does it work? When booking for a ride and Uber detects the pickup point is far from your current location, it will promptly ask you if the booking is for you, or for another person. You will then be asked to select that person from your phonebook (to gain access to their phone number), set their destination, and request the ride service on their behalf.



When a driver responds to the ride request, the person you booked the ride for will receive a text message with the driver’s details and a link to track the driver’s whereabouts. The driver will also be able to contact the rider.



In Uber’s blog, they provided some research results and a use case scenario which hits close to home. You can read more about it here.


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