Sony plans to manufacture Vinyl Records, because its cool again

Sony is reviving a format it helped kill 30 years ago. Vinyl records are making a comeback; you’re seeing it in 70’s themed coffee shops and restaurants and you have the older generation, and even the young ones, who weren’t even born in the 70’s, starting to collect them again.

Sony stopped manufacturing Vinyl records in 1989, but don’t be surprised if they make their way into record shops next year. According to reports from Agence France-Presse, the Japanese company will start producing vinyl records in a factory southwest of Tokyo by March next year and will most probably start with a lineup of popular Japanese songs, and chart-topping contemporary albums owned by Sony.

It can be recalled that Sony decided to ditch the big, black plastic records in favor of the compact disc format. However, like its predecessor, the compact disc format eventually bowed down to newer music formats, digital downloads and streaming services. One problem that may impede or extend the timeline of production is man power. Sony is reportedly struggling to find vinyl record engineers familiar with all the necessary processes.

Photo Credit: Huffington Post

Sales from vinyl records continue to rise, as many consumers are realizing its more superior sound quality compared to the record formats that came after it. It’s estimated that vinyl record sales will reach $1 billion this year, while sales of CDs and digital music downloads will continue to decline.

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