How to stream videos from an Android phone to an iPad

If you’re someone who enjoys using both mobile operating systems, this guide is for you. I use an Android phone as my daily driver. I use it to surf the net, take notes, check my social media etc. I do, however, enjoy watching series or movies on my iPad Mini to take advantage of that huge real estate. My iPad Mini has limited storage, so I would download and store my movies or series on my Android phone, and watch it on the go. But whenever possible, I catch up with my series episodes on the bigger iPad Mini.

This guide should work regardless of what OS you’re using on whichever device. To enjoy this setup, you will need to do the following;

  1. Connect your devices to the same WiFi network.

  2. On your iPad, download an app called VLC. I am pretty sure you’ve heard about it.

  3. Next, on your Android device, download an app called BubbleUPNP. Run it.

  4. On your iPad, tap the VLC cone icon and look for “Local Network” menu.

  5. Wait until the app finds your other device [example: BubbleUPNP Media Server (Device Name)].

  6. Click on it to establish a connection. You now have access to your Android phone’s files.

  7.  Click on the “Video” folder. You should be able to find all the stored videos on your phone.

  8. Click to play.

    Take note that the fluidity of streaming the videos relies on your network speed.

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