How to display two chrome tabs simultaneously in Android Nougat

Samsung was the first mobile manufacturer to bring multi-window functionality to mobile devices,  via their Note line. Years later, Google follows suit, bringing native multi-window functionality to Nougat supported devices. While not all apps on the Play Store support this feature, Google Chrome does. If you’re a multitasker like me, this guide is definitely for you.


Here are the steps to open two chrome tabs side by side (or in this case, top and bottom).

1. If you haven’t got it yet, download Google Chrome in the Play Store

2. Open Chrome and type in a link (for example 😉



3. Click the 3 dot menu and add a new tab.

4. Type in another link (YouTube, Facebook, it’s up to you).

4. Next, activate the multi-window function of your device by long pressing the Recents key.

Note: in some phones, this might need to be configured first in the settings, or, an alternative is to use the Multi-window toggle present in your notifications panel.


5. Once Multi-window mode is activated, in Chrome, press the three dot menu > Move to other window


And there you have it, two chrome tabs displayed at the same time in your device.


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