Fancy a wall charger that fits your wallet? Checkout Kado.

Smartphones have improved dramatically in the last 3 years, and we find ourselves relying on them more and more. The trend with smartphones nowadays is to have a ginormous, high-resolution screen, but at the same time, maintain a slimmer profile. This leaves the battery capacity of new devices something left to be desired.

Right now, your typical flagship phone’s battery is rated between 2700mah to 3500mah, which is almost always not enough for heavy users. That’s why power banks are selling like pancakes. However, reliable power bank tends to be bulky and those slim power banks won’t even fully charge your device. Obviously, lugging a clunky wall charger is something we don’t usually do.

Enter Kado, the world’s thinnest wall charger, measuring at just 5mm; even slimmer than most smartphones. Kado can easily fit inside a wallet so you can bring it anywhere you go. It’s a universal charger and supports 2.1A Rapid Charging technology. The idea of having a wall charger in my back pocket is amazing. Watch the video below.


As promised by the team behind Kado, it will be made available soon to the public as their Kickstarter campaign was more than successful, able to raise almost $75,000. That’s three times their initial Kickstarter funding goal. If you want to get yours early and at a discounted price, you can still pledge your support to the team in their Kickstarter campaign here. Delivery ETA is in December this year, so why not buy yourself an early Christmas gift.



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