How to play PSP games on your Android phone

If you grew up in the early 2000s, chances are, you’ve heard of or even had the chance to play the PlayStation Portable or PSP.



During its heyday, the PSP was what almost every kid (or kid at heart) wanted unless you preferred the stylus-toting Nintendo DS. While the PSP’s time certainly had passed by, there is still a way for you to play PSP game titles on a capable Android smartphone. If you missed playing Naruto, Dragon Ball Z or Tekken, all of which never saw daylight in the mobile game scene, then this guide is for you.

Here are the steps to play PSP games on your Android phone.

  1. Find a copy of your game title in either ISO or CSO format. Use google for that. Usually, it comes in zip files which you need to extract first to get the .iso or .cso file.

  2. Next, on your smartphone, fire up the Google Play Store and search for “PPSSPP”.


  3. Install the app on your smartphone. Upon installation, it will create a couple of folders inside your phone.

  4. Copy the ISO or CSO file inside the “PSP” folder > “GAME” folder on your smartphone. These folders are automatically created when you install the PPSSPP app.

  5. On your smartphone, Fire up PPSSPP and browse to the PSP > GAME folder. You should see the game thumbnail.


  6. Click the game thumbnail to Play.


The games can be played using the on-screen virtual keys, but personally, I prefer using game controllers. I find it easier to play as well as giving you that PSP like setup. You can buy this one, this one or if you’re really feeling it, this one.

Also, do note that not all game titles can be played using the app and the fluidity of the games will largely depend on your phone’s horsepower.


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