Quickly charge your iPhone/iPad on any laptop/PC USB port

USB ports on laptops or PCs are under powered and do not produce enough to charge iPhones or iPads. Most ports produce a measly 500mA output and even with a dedicated USB 3.0 fast charging port, topping your device can still be very slow especially if you use your device while plugged in. It might not even charge at all.

I’ll share with you a windows program, created by ASUS, which I have been using for years now. Without going into technicalities, it allows for faster charging through a computer’s USB port. Even though this program has been thoroughly tested on 2 desktop PCs, 3 laptops, and 2 iPad Mini, discretion is advised. PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK.

1. On your PC or laptop, download a program by ASUS called “ASUS Ai Charger” from here.

Even though the application was developed for ASUS computers, it’s proven to work on non-ASUS laptops as well. As mentioned, I was able to test it on at least 5 windows powered machines.

2. Install the program and restart the PC/laptop if prompted to do so.

3.  Once booted up, plug in your iDevice to the USB port.

4. Compare your charging time pre and post installation of the ASUS Ai Charger program. You should see a noticeable decrease in the time needed to fully charge your iPhone/iPad.


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