Exit malicious apps and ads using Android’s “Panic button” feature

While most of us do a pretty good job at ignoring shady ads plastered on websites or take extra precaution before installing apps outside of the official Play Store, we might still find ourselves dealing with rogue apps and ads.

The most irritating to me are Intestinal ads, you know, those ads that constantly warns you of a virus infection or battery problems and would cause your phone to constantly vibrate. This can now be dealt with accordingly, thanks to a new feature embedded in the latest released version of Android.

When faced with malware-spreading apps and ads, (most of which won’t allow you to exit via the back and home button), simply tap the back button 4 times in quick successions. This tells the OS that you want to get out of your current situation. However, this feature will only be made available to devices running on Android 7.1 Nougat and is currently disabled by default.

There are ways to activate the panic button feature but would require drastic steps that will most probably void your warranty. With the feature hidden in the OS, logic tells us Google does plan to activate it in the future but has yet to announce when.

Via Bleep Computers

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