Apple teases new Emojis for World Emoji day

In a world with much conflict and hate spread online and offline, we still find reasons to celebrate something year round; we have the Tequila Day (July 24), No Bra Day (October 13), Star Wars Day (May 4) and World Jump day (July 20) amongst the list of commemorative days in a year.

Apparently, a few individuals declared that July 17 be the World Emoji Day, because why not? We use emojis to express ourselves clearly and to add creativity and emotions to our messages.

As a way to celebrate the day, Apple has released a teaser of new Emojis coming to IOS, MacOS and watchOS, slated for release this year.


New emojis include a Zombie, an Elf girl, a Yogi man, a bearded man, a breastfeeding woman, a woman with a headscarf and a T-rex. You can find the full details here.


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