Some OnePlus 5 units are rebooting when dialing 911

Worst comes to worst, you’ll need to get medical or emergency help. Well, if you happen to own the OnePlus 5, the only thing you might get is a phone reboot.

Reportedly, some users have experienced their phone doing a complete reboot while dialing the numbers 911, recognized internationally as an emergency number. This issue was brought up and posted by some users on a Reddit page. Another proof is a video uploaded by Facebook user Nick Morelli showing his OnePlus 5 doing just that when dialing the emergency number.

Video: OnePlus 5 reboots on 911 call

OnePlus, via the Verge, has already issued an official statement on the said issue and is looking into the problem.

“We have contacted the customer and are currently looking into the issue. We ask anyone experiencing a similar situation to contact us at”

A software fix might be in the work as of the moment. Hailed by pundits alike as one of the best Android phone in the market right now, it is not without issues and concerns; it has been under heavy scrutiny for looking like an Oppo phone, cheating benchmark apps, false advertisement on its camera and the “jelly scroll” effect.

Are you satisfied with the OnePlus experience?  Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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