Is this the rumored Samsung Galaxy S8 Active?

A member of the Android Central (AC) forums posted details and photos of the rumored Galaxy S8 Active and had some healthy exchange of information with other AC members before deleting the photos.

“So far it’s a tank.. it’s notably thicker (which explains the huge battery.) It’s heavier and the screen isn’t the same glass on the other variants it’s tougher and being flat makes it a lot more durable. It has all the same cutouts as the S8+ speaker in the same spot as well as mic holes and headphone jack. But I’ve purpose dropped it no scratches or anything and I’ve dunked it and no issues. But you can do the same with the original s8 so I guess that’s not a surprise.”

Luckily, Android Police was able to save a copy of the photos beforehand. Ladies and gentlemen, there is a strong chance we are looking at the Galaxy S8 Active.

Based on the pictures, the front portion of the S8 Active resembles the LG G6 very closely and has a flat surface, while the back is said to be made of “Poly” (polycarbonate) material as opposed to the glass back of the Galaxy S8, “to keep the Active spirit alive”. The phone’s frame looks metal-built with what looks like rubber bumpers at the corners.

The Galaxy S8 Active first appeared on a benchmarking apps last month and will take on the name SM-G892A. The 4000mah phone will most probably be released exclusively to AT&T, but appears to not carry the brand at all.

More details posted at Android Police


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