The OnePlus 5 isn’t the only phone to face problems calling emergency numbers

Last week, some OnePlus 5 owners reported that their phones were doing a complete reboot whenever they try to make emergency calls. While most users deny experiencing the 911 reboot bug, the Chinese company decided to address it all the same via a software update.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time such 911 related bug has been reported, and this problem not only manifests itself on the OnePlus 5 but other phones from several manufacturers as well.

Scouring the interweb for related incidents, some phones listed below also experienced problems whenever trying to make an emergency call.

And a lot more. The point here is that let’s not crucify the OnePlus 5 for having the said issue, it was fixed as soon as possible anyway. More than a manufacturer issue, some are arguing it could be a fault within the Android OS itself, while others think it has something to do with the GPS chips on the affected phones

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