Gear Review: Ungrip

As a gadget enthusiast, I always see to it my babies are well taken care of. I would spend extra bucks on phone cases and screen protectors every chance I get. I can list down certain situations that can turn my day (or week) from good to worst, and that includes dropping my smartphone on hard cement, leaving a few scratches, dents or worse, a cracked display. Even having expensive bumpers and screen protectors are not fool proof assurance so why not prevent it from happening in the first place,  right?

There are many accessories that help you secure your phone in your hands, but before deciding which one to buy, make sure to read our review of Ungrip.

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What’s in the package


  • Ungrip unit with 3M VHB adhesive tape

  • Extra 3M VHB adhesive tape

  • Alcohol Wipe

  • Nylon string

  • Instruction Manual


It’s hard to describe Ungrip, at least design wise, so forgive me for the analogy I came up with. Imagine the great pyramid with chiseled base corners, and then cut off the top half. Then attach a looping fabric. There.



When attached, expect onlookers eye-balling the back of your phone due to its eye-catching colors. The strap is removable and can be washed or replaced.


There is a small hole at the left edge for other mobile accessories like a lanyard or small chains. Browsing its official website, Ungrip comes in multiple styles and colors, so you can really mix up the look of your phone.


Build Quality

Ungrip is made of high-quality ABS plastic and thick polyester fabric, comparable to expensive ID lanyards. The build quality is excellent, with no apparent creaking sound produced when pressure is applied to it.

It’s excellent quality folks!

Surprisingly, this accessory is not as thick as I imagined it to be at 6mm. Placing it on a flat surface, I can say the separation it creates between the surface and phone is comparable to that of the popular “iRing”. The strap, which acts as the loop, is thick and exudes quality. Overall, the build quality of Ungrip gives you the confidence that it won’t break or snap even if tremendous pressure is applied.


Compared with the competition, which uses double sided tapes or double sided foam, Ungrip is fitted with a clear gel-form like industrial grade adhesive by 3M and doesn’t leave sticky residues when removed.


I attached Ungrip to my favorite phone case and had been using it for a week now. To test its limits, I tried letting my phone hang to my fingers while walking. At one point, I even found myself doing a “finger hula-hoop” with my phone (admittedly, looking silly doing it). I even tried pulling it from the case and it simply won’t budge, without causing permanent damage to the case.


Since the loop is made of polyester fabric,  you’re not limited to certain angles and will have unimpeded movement.  Ungrip does not hurt your fingers when switching from landscape to portrait, as opposed to the competitor.

Scrape the adhesive using the included string.

If you ever need to transfer Ungrip to another case or phone, you will need to use the special nylon string it comes with. Basically, you will insert the nylon string in between the phone and Ungrip and “scrape” the adhesive off. Even with care, you might still tear up the adhesive tape, good thing it ships with an extra piece, just in case.

The Verdict

In a nutshell, Ungrip is used to help secure your phone in your hands comfortably and stylishly, eliminating the possibilities of accidental drops or slippage. You’re not only paying for the small accessory itself but also the peace of mind it brings with it.


The only thing the Ungrip doesn’t do is to double as a phone stand. Also, I wish it had more adhesives included in the package. Sure, the alternatives are way cheaper, but I can tell you from first-hand experience, I would go for Ungrip over two important reasons; style and comfort. For more information, you can check out Ungrip on their official website.


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