Lenovo ditches skinned UI for stock Android experience


Lenovo is ditching the Lenovo Vibe UI in favor of the stock Android for their future phones. Speaking to Gadget 360, Anuj Sharma of Lenovo India, confirmed this move, as a way to keep customers happy with the brand.

“What we have done in last 11 months is we looked at what we had in terms of software perspective. We have been close to the consumers and we saw what they were asking for. There was a certain trend and we have now decided to cut the Vibe Pure UI off from our phones. So you will now get the stock Android which consumers have been asking for.

There’s no more Vibe UI going forward and we are moving to complete stock Android for all our future Lenovo phones. This is a huge transition for our business perspective.”

The move to continue producing their own UI has left consumers dumbfounded since their sub-brand, Motorola has always shipped phones running stock Android. Going stock, like the Google Pixel phones or  OnePlus phones provides a more streamlined, uniformed experience among Android users. This move will also ensure Lenovo phones of the future will be able to taste the latest Android version way ahead of the competition.


Source: Gadget 360

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