OnePlus stops OygenOS 4.5.7 roll-out amidst gaming stutter issues, releases 4.5.8


The OnePlus 5 has halted the roll out of Oxygen 4.5.7 due to game lagging issues introduced by the update. This was reported first in XDA-Developers and then picked up on the  OnePlus forums and Reddit.


“I have DREADFUL gaming stutter playing HIT, and never had that issue on 4.5.6.

Really glad to see them doing something about it, if this is true.”

“Woah, love that they noticed so fast. I play puzzle and dragons, and it freezes in the middle of orb matching.”


Not all comments were negative, as some user mentioned the latest update fixed their battery problems.


” I dont play games on my phone so dont know about the stutter, but after the 4.5.7 update, my idle drain has dropped massively so I am happy. (Had this drain since the 4.5.5 update)”

“Seconded. The battery life has significantly improved.”


OnePlus has acknowledged the issue. As per Maggie Song, a OnePlus Specialist;

“Yes, We are withdrawing 4.5.7 due to a gaming stutter issue reported from some forum users. Therefore, we will push out 4.5.8 instead to resolve this issue ASAP.


OnePlus was able to address the issue immediately and released the 4.5.8 update. OTA might take time to reach users so this will be via a full flash method. File and instructions here


Source: Android Central

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