Tutorial: How to save a copy of your Instagram photos and videos

Instagram has always been integrated with security measures to prevent stalkers and would be plagiarize-ers from downloading copies of photos or videos from other Instagram users. Instagram is so strict it doesn’t even allow the users, who posted the contents,  to save a copy for his or herself. If you wanted a copy of a photo, the only way was to take a screenshot of the photo.

Instagram saves user uploaded photos and videos inside its own folder. The problem arises when you change phones, or if you did a factory reset. You will no longer have a copy of your previously posted contents.

There could be myriad of reasons why someone would want to save a copy of a photo or video from Instagram. I for one wanted to save a copy of a photo I posted a few months back. Unfortunately, I had to reset my phone a few weeks ago, thus deleting my Instagram folder.

When I reinstalled Instagram, new uploads get saved in the new Instagram folder, however, the old ones, before the reset, did not. I did a little bit of app research and found an app that will allow me to save a copy of my Instagram photos.

The app in the spotlight is called Instasave and is available for free on the Google Play Store.

I realize the potential danger of sharing this tutorial and do not encourage anyone to use this other than saving a copy of your own Instagram contents.

Check out the video below.


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