Gear Review: Jelly Comb Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard with Trackpad


For blogging and working on the go, I rely heavily on my foldable Bluetooth keyboard. Having physical keys to push is so much better than having to tap away on a cold, glass display. And for someone who seems to can’t get enough time, it also meant being able to finish up tasks faster and be able to work on other things.


Like most Bluetooth keyboards, this works with IOS, Android and Windows devices. It has a 5 row QWERTY keyboard layout and let’s not forget about that trackpad, which was ultimately the reason why I went with this product amidst hundreds of models flooding the market. Unfortunately, the trackpad does not work with IOS devices (tested on my iPad). While the primary material used on this keyboard is plastic, the build quality is very good and leaves an impression it can take a beating. The keys are very responsive and have enough spaces between them and have ample key travel time as well.


The keyboard can also be used to control the connected devices for a truly touch-less interaction. Available buttons and shortcuts include the home button, app search, volume up and down, multimedia controls and locking the screen, among others. When connected to a windows device, say a laptop or tablet running Windows, it supports swipe gestures and usual keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl+C, V, Alt+F4 etc.


Unlike other foldable keyboard models, this keyboard sports a tri-fold system resulting in a much smaller footprint when folded. It certainly will fit most front or back pockets, unless you’re into skinny jeans. When I decide to travel light, I usually just throw it in my small sling bag and carry it with me wherever I go.


The keyboard is charged via a micro USB port and the battery lasts me for months. Results may vary depending on the usage. This keyboard also features led light notifications to notify users of BT connectivity, if caps lock is enabled and if the battery is running low.


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This is a niche device, no doubt. It’s for those who value portability more than anything else. If you’re someone who works on the go and there’s a need for a portable and rechargeable Bluetooth keyboard, you can buy this cool product here.


Edit: Added Ebay links for international readers.

Cheapest Gray Variant here.

Cheapest White Variant here.


Edit: Added Amazon link from the official store here.

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